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Adrian Cooke Classical Art Atelier

Established in 2015, Adrian Cooke's Classical Art Atelier offers morning and evening courses and weekend and summer workshops in classical drawing and painting in the south of Ireland.

These courses and workshops are suitable for any artist or student who is interested in learning or improving their skills in drawing and painting. So whether you're a complete beginner, an art student, or a more experienced amateur or professional artist, this timeless 'classical' approach to drawing and painting will benefit you.

The classical method is proving to be more and more popular today, as many artists (including art graduates and professional artists) are trying to reconnect with traditional methods and techniques, and many of the artistic skills that have been abandoned by contemporary art.

Our courses and workshops include:

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Adrian Cooke

Managing Director & Classical Drawing Instructor

Born in Annestown, Co. Waterford, Ireland, in 1977, Adrian is largely self-taught, selecting areas of study and interest – such as the classical atelier method – to inform the style and ethos of his work. He works predominantly in traditional drawing and painting media, regarding these fundamental skills and techniques as an essential part of his work as an artist. His style, however, would be better described as Abstract Realism. His first exhibition was a series of portraits and master copy drawings at 33 The Mall, Waterford, in 2014. Visit to find out more.

Music & The Arts

His early training was in classical music however, and he earned a BA in Music at Waterford Institute of Technology (1997-2001), went on to study an MA in Music Composition at University of York, UK (2001-02), and continued to further his piano education at Royal Irish Academy of Music (2004-06). He continues to play and study piano. The rigorous training demanded by classical music, his studies in music composition, and the cross-overs between music and art, have formed an essential part of his ethos and approach to his work as a visual artist.

He has worked in arts management for several years, working in theatre and visual arts, including internships at Origin Art Gallery, Dublin (2012-13) and Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork (2001).

Art Training

Adrian comes from a family of visual artists who influenced and mentored him through his formative years. He began classical drawing at The Drawing Studio, Merrion Square, Dublin (2012) and has also trained in pottery and ceramics at Dyehouse Gallery & Pottery, Waterford (2003) and Grenan Mill Craft School, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny (2003-04). He continues to pursue his own studies in classical drawing and painting at home and abroad.



As well as our main studio in county Waterford, we also run courses and workshops in most of the major arts centres in the south of Ireland.

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