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    Classical Drawing & Painting Programme
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Autumn Winter 2018 Programme

Courses and Workshops in Classical Drawing and Painting

Our Autumn Winter programme offers courses and workshops in a wide variety of media - from pencil, charcoal and oil to watercolour, conté and pastel - all championing the same timeless principles and techniques of classical drawing and painting.

These workshops are suitable for anyone who is interested in learning or improving their skills in drawing and painting. Whether you're a complete beginner, an art student, a more experienced amateur or a professional artist, this timeless 'classical' approach will benefit you.

Our courses and workshops for the Autumn Winter season are listed by medium below.

Pencil / Charcoal Oil Watercolour Pastel / Conté
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Drawing in Pencil & Charcoal

With Adrian Cooke

Duration: 10-Week Evening Course
Fee: € 300
Venue/Dates: C.I.T. Arts in Health & Education CORK 24 Sept. - 03 Dec. 2018
Venue/Dates: Garter Lane Arts Centre WATERFORD 27 Sept. - 06 Dec. 2018

Drawing the human figure from life is perhaps the most challenging subject an artist can face. This workshop shows you the classical approach to life drawing, following a manageable step-by-step procedure and slowly unravelling this complex subject matter.

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Duration: 10-Week Morning/Afternoon Course
Fee: € 250
Venue/Dates: Wexford Arts Centre WEXFORD 25 Sept. - 11 Dec. 2018
Venue/Dates: St. Patrick's Centre KILKENNY 26 Sept. - 05 Dec. 2018

This workshop covers all of the technical and aesthetic aspects of portrait drawing, from the structure and anatomy of facial features to achieving likeness and creating expression.

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Classical Drawing Courses

Adrian Cooke focuses on classical drawing in pencil and charcoal this Autumn Winter season. There are TWO 10-Week Courses in Academic Figure Drawing from Life:
- Monday evenings at C.I.T. Arts in Health & Education, Cork
- Thursday evenings at Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford
And TWO 10-Week Courses in Classical Portrait Drawing:
- Tuesday afternoons at Wexford Arts Centre, Wexford
- Wednesday mornings at St. Patrick's Centre, Kilkenny

These courses are suitable for anyone who is interested in learning or improving their drawing skills. Whether you're a complete beginner, an art student or graduate, or a professional artist, this timeless 'classical' approach to drawing will benefit you.

Adrian is largely self-taught, selecting areas of study and interest – such as the classical atelier method – to inform his style. He works predominantly in traditional drawing and painting media, regarding these fundamental skills and techniques as an essential part of his work as an artist.

Oil Painting

With Brian Smyth

Duration: 2-Day Workshop
Dates: 20-21 October 2018
Fee: € 250
Venue: Garter Lane Arts Centre WATERFORD

This two day workshop provides an excellent introduction to the alla prima method of portrait painting. Alla prima (or 'at the first') relies on a method where the painting is completed in a single session while the paint is still wet.

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Duration: 3-Day Workshop
Dates: 27-29 October 2018
Fee: € 300
Venue: C.I.T. Arts in Health & Education CORK

An introduction to the academic painting practices in oils, and some of the principles and techniques currently being taught at realist painting academies in Florence.

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Duration: 3-Day Workshop
Dates: 02-04 November 2018
Fee: € 300
Venue: C.I.T. Arts in Health & Education CORK

In this three-day introduction to still life painting, you will learn the methods and techniques for painting realistic, luminous still life paintings in oils, painted directly from the live set-up.

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Oil Painting Workshops

Brian Smyth, artist and tutor at the Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy, introduces THREE weekend workshops in the academic painting practices in oils, demonstrating the methods and techniques currently being taught at the realist paintings of Florence.

Brian Smyth is an award-winning graduate of the Crawford College of Art and Design. He has had several succesful solo exhibitions in Dublin and London and has participated in and curated many group exhibitions. He has completed many private commissions, including a 14-painting Stations of the Cross commission for a church restoration project in his native Co. Cork. Brian has his works in many private and public collections and continues to develop his technique, to exhibit his paintings and to work on portrait commissions.

Watercolour Painting

With Mary Dillon

Duration: 3-Day Workshop
Dates: 09-11 November 2018
Fee: € 300
Venue: Garter Lane Arts Centre WATERFORD

In this 3-day workshop, you will learn a method of painting autumn subjects in watercolours. This workshop is suitable for newcomers to botanical art, as well as offering new tips to more experienced botanical artists.

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Watercolour Painting Workshop

Award-winning Irish botanical artist, Mary Dillon, is known for capturing the essence of a plant through its sensuality and frailty. Mary’s evocative use of deep colour in her paintings, many of which are held in collections worldwide, brings a certain joy to the heart.

Mary was awarded Gold Medal and Best in Show in Botanical and Floral Art at Bloom, Dublin, 2016, and Gold and Silver Medals at Bloom, 2017. She has been elected an Associate Member of the Society of Botanical Artists, UK and a member of the Watercolour Society of Ireland. She was the founding chairperson of the Irish Society of Botanical Art.

Drawing in Conté & Pastel

With Svetlana Cameron

Duration: 2-Day Workshop
Dates: 17-18 November 2018
Fee: € 250
Venue: C.I.T. Arts in Health & Education CORK

This workshop, focused on drawing in Conté and pastel, will introduce you to the ‘three-colour’ technique inspired by the Renaissance portrait drawing tradition.

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Conté & Pastel Portrait Drawing

Inspired by the coloured chalk drawings of the Renaissance period, Svetlana Cameron’s method involves use of only three colours for creating realistic flesh tones - black, red, and white. Mixed and blended on neutral toned paper, the 3-colour palette produces a wide range of semi-translucent lifelike skin tones which the artist often juxtaposes with bright opaque colours in the sitters’ clothes – a visual effect that has become hallmark of Svetlana’s technique.

Svetlana Cameron is a Russian-born British portrait painter dedicated to the study and revival of classical art. Trained in the methods of Old Masters, she is known internationally for commissioned oil portraits of distinguished people and delicate lifelike portraits of children in pastel. Svetlana holds the title of a “Living Master” awarded to her in 2016 by the Art Renewal Centre (USA) and is included in the ARC online museum of realist art. Three of her official portraits are part of the UK national collection of oil paintings and are featured on ART UK.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of each course or workshop, you will have gained a very good understanding and appreciation for the methods and techniques involved in classical drawing or painting, as well as its historical context and how it can benefit your own work regardless of your style.

Learn the rules like a professional, so you can break them like an artist.
- Pablo Picasso

As well as being a guide to traditional atelier (or ‘studio’) practice, our courses and workshops also aim to contribute to your own contemporary work by investigating four of the key components that comprise almost all visual art: design, line, value and form, and then applying what you’re learning to your own expressive end. By improving your technical skills and gaining a greater understanding of these timeless principles, you’ll be able to see your own work in a new light.

  • Basic materials included
  • 10% discount on art supplies
  • Detailed hand-outs
  • Practical exercises
  • Live models
  • Demonstrations
  • Slide & video presentations
  • Refreshments provided
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