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Over the last 18 months, we’ve become even more dependent on online shopping for our art supplies, and many students have asked where should they go? So in this post, I’m providing a list of the shops that I’ve used and my experience with them.


Probably the best art supplies store in this part of the world is Jackson’s Art Supplies, London. And this would be my default shopping place but unfortunately, Brexit and the Covid pandemic disrupted shopping and shipping for quite some time. They are back now though!


My best art supplies shopping experiences, by far, have been from Germany. They’ve offered the fastest deliveries, the best product ranges, easy-to-use websites, and no nonsense.


There are many great art stores in Paris and throughout France, but unfortunately they only ship to certain neighbouring countries and French dominions.


You would think that Italy, with its rich artistic heritage, would have some great art stores to choose from. But unfortunately, the opposite is true – they haven’t entered the online shopping world at all!

However, if you wish to purchase plaster casts and sculptures, Felice Calchi in Rome is second to none.


There’s no question that the United States has terrific art stores but in my own experience, since March 2020, delivery times and import duties have completely discouraged me from ordering from America in the future. (My last order took 3 months to arrive!)

Their number one store is most definitely Dick Blick.


Most of my online shopping in Ireland was unsatisfactory to say the least. From low (or no) stock to poorly performing websites to over-priced goods, all in all, I avoided them as much as possible.

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