Classical Art Atelier

Established in 2015, Classical Art Atelier provides courses and workshops in classical drawing and painting – both online and in studio.

Our programme of courses and workshops run at many of the most important arts, cultural and educational institutions in Ireland.

Each course and workshop follows the age-old atelier method, espousing classical principles, which have underpinned artistic practice since the Renaissance. These courses and workshops are suitable for anyone who is interested in learning or improving their drawing and painting skills, and they attract a diverse range of students – from complete beginners and hobbyists to art students and graduates to experienced amateur and professional artists. 

The atelier method and its classical principles, and the realist or representational drawing and painting tradition, is becoming evermore popular today, as many artists are trying to reconnect with traditional methods and techniques.

Classical drawing and painting favour beauty, harmony, order and completeness. They follow principles that emerged in Greek and Roman classical civilisations and rely on methods and techniques that render subject matter in a realistic style. Perfected and codified during the Renaissance, these skills and concepts around design, line, value, and form became the bedrock of artistic practice for many centuries.

Adrian Cooke

Born in County Waterford, Ireland, in 1977, Adrian Cooke has been working as an artist for over 25 years, initially pursuing an education and career in classical music – piano and music composition (1996-2002). He later spent 10 years working in graphic design and digital media and marketing.

Largely a self-taught visual artist, he began his training in classical drawing and painting in 2012, taking courses at some of the most renowned realist academies in Europe and the US. His first solo exhibition was a series of classical portraits and master copy drawings at 33 The Mall, Waterford, in 2014.

This kind of training in classical drawing and painting is just not available in mainstream third-level art colleges here in Ireland, so it was necessary for me to look elsewhere; namely, at specialised fine art academies abroad, to learn traditional painting and drawing techniques and practices. Hopefully, in turn, my school can now provide this much sought after training for other artists.

– Adrian Cooke