Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we are often asked. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for below, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


What does Classical Art Atelier offer?

Classical Art Atelier offers courses and workshops, both online and in-studio, in classical drawing and realist painting. These courses are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced artists, and attract a diverse range of artists from many backgrounds and levels of experience – from complete beginners and leisure artists, to art students and graduates, to professional artists and art teachers.

Can I visit your studio?

Our main studio is in County Waterford, Ireland, but at present, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our courses are online only, and there are no live studio-based classes.

Courses & Workshops

Do you run live studio-based classes?

At present, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our courses are online only, and there are no live studio-based classes. Prior to March 2020, we ran long courses and short workshops at many of the best arts, cultural and educational institutions around Ireland, and we hope to resume this as soon as the global health crisis subsides. See our list of venues here.

Do you teach group or one-to-one lessons?

All of the online courses consist of live taught group classes, with a maximum of 10 students per class. As part of any course, you can avail of one-to-one lessons and critiques by email, telephone, or video call in between the weekly group class.

What materials and equipment do I need for my course?

Each course comes with a mateials and equipment list. We’re aware that art supplies can carry a considerable cost, and we don’t want to over-burden you with extra costs at the beginning of a course. So we’ve divided the material requirements into two categories: (1) essential and (2) optional or recommended long-term.

Are these courses certified?

No. Classical Art Atelier is a private and independent fine art school. We are purposefully not affiliated with or funded by any state department or larger educational federation.

We do, however, award our students with a Certificate of Completion pending the successful completion of a course and its assignments.

Are there any other requirements to do one of your courses?

As well as materials and equipment, which are listed on the course page, you will also need the following to do our online courses:

  • Desktop Computer, Laptop or Tablet
  • Internet Connection
  • Webcam
  • Printer: Access to A3 and A4 Black & White and / or Colour Printing

How do I download the course study notes?

Print-outs and study notes will be made available on Google Drive week-by-week, so that you can access them at any time. You will be given a link to this temporary cloud, which will only be active for the duration of the course. Make sure to download all of the notes before the end of the course.

Are the group classes comprised of students of mixed ability?

Yes. However, this makes no difference to your own learning and progress. You will work to the best of your own ability at this point in time, and you will be fully supported on an individual level throughout the course.

There has never been an issue with the mix of abilities within a class; in fact, quite the opposite. The importance of the fundamental principles and techniques can never be underestimated, and quite often, a beginner artist can highlight a seemingly simple query but that may have baffled the more experience artist!

The dialogue and cross-fertilisation of ideas between artists of different levels, ages, and backgrounds of experience enriches all of our classes more enjoyable and educational.

Choosing The Right Course

Are these courses suitable for complete beginners?

Yes, many of our courses are specifically designed to guide you from the very basics of drawing and painting.

If you are a complete beginner, however, we recommend that you start with one of the introductory courses – Fundamental Drawing Skills or The Oil Painting Process. If this is not possible though, it doesn’t exclude you from joining any other course. The level attributed to any of our courses is a guide or a recommendation only.

How should I decide what course is right for me?

Each course listed on our website is labelled beginner, intermediate, and / or advanced. If you’re a complete beginner, then it is recommended that you start with a general drawing or painting course – Fundamental Drawing Skills or The Oil Painting Process, and later, you could enrol for one of the more specialist subject areas.

However, most of the courses have common elements. The essential principles and many of the techniques are reinforced in all of the courses. If you’re planning to take several of our courses, and you wish to follow acomprehensive and progressive path for your art training, then it is recommended that you start with one of the beginner drawing courses before you graduate to oil painting.

If you’re still not sure, please email or telephone us and we can discuss the best options for you.

Student Support

Can I send my personal work to you for critique?

Yes. Each online course has a very strong one-to-one component, and you are encouraged to submit your completed assignments each week. This is obligatory is you wish to earn the Certificate of Completion for any given course. You are also welcome to send us your own personal work, and we’ll happy to provide feedback.

Is there a limit to the amount of one-to-one support I can receive?

The duration and purpose of one-to-one emails and video calls is limited by its relevance to the course. Video and telephone calls are restricted to issues that cannot be readily discussed, explained, or viewed by email or in class.

For one-to-one calls, an appointment must be arranged in advance for a time that is suitable to both student and instructor. Responses to your emails will be available between 9am and 9pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 4pm Saturday.

Enrolment & Fees

How do I pay for my course?

You can pay on our website with Visa, Mastercard, Stripe or PayPal. Course prices are given in euro but you can easily convert this to another currency at check-out.

Are there any discounts available?

Our prices are extremely competitive for what we offer, and course prices include 2 hours of class time each week and detailed study notes to download, plus unlimited and unrivalled one-to-one contact and support throughout the week.

From time to time, we offer special discounts for returning or registered students. You must sign up to our mailing list to be notified and to avail of these sporadic offers.

I purchased a course but haven’t received confirmation in my inbox?

Always check that our email hasn’t been filtered into your spam folder. Sometimes this might happen if your email account doesn’t recognise an email address from a new sender.

I live in the United States. Can I access your courses?


Although Classical Art Atelier is based in Ireland, and our class times are given in Irish Standard Time (UTC+1), we have online classes in the morning, afternoon and evening, so at least one of these times should suit your time-zone.