Realist Painting

Our painting courses are rooted in the atelier (or ‘studio’) training method – a tradition that dates back to the Renaissance, and still remains the standard by which painting is taught at realist academies today.

Our painting courses show you the standard approach to classical realist painting in oils – the methods and techniques, tools and materials, best practices and useful tips – which are currently taught at all of the major realist painting academies worldwide.

Many of our courses feature master copy painting, which is one of the best ways to improve your painting skills. Although this valuable learning method fell out of favour as modern art and attitudes began to impact art education in the 1930s, the tradition of copying the masters managed to survive, and continues to be an important stepping stone for art students working in the classical realist style.

The painter must always seek the essence of things, always represent the essential characteristics and emotions of the person he is painting.

– Titian (1490-1576)

Online Painting Courses

Find the best Painting Course for you this Autumn Winter 2021

We have a wide range of painting courses available online this Autumn Winter, to suit your level of experience, your subject matter of interest, and your schedule and budget. All of our online courses comprise a 2-hour weekly class, accompanied with detailed study notes and one-to-one personal support throughout the week.