Charcoal Drawing Techniques



Dates: 23 September – 23 October 2021
Times: Thursdays 10am-12pm
Duration: 5 Weeks / 2-Hour Class Each Week
Format: Live Online Zoom Course
Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Drawing with charcoal is a staple of any artist’s study. Charcoal is a great medium to practice gesture, and to focus on the big picture quickly without getting caught up in detail. Equally though, very fine detail can be achieved with charcoal, so it affords a very wide range of possibilities.

This 5-week course presents a comprehensive study of charcoal – the medium, its divergent styles and associated techniques. We will look at how the charcoal medium and its methods developed over the centuries, paying special attention to master practitioners like Prud’hon, Seurat, and Sargent. You will be shown the main practical applications, tips, and techniques that we still use today.

Some of the topics that will be covered are as follows:

  • Materials and different forms of charcoal
  • Paper and other supports, and their preparation
  • Standard tips and techniques
  • Charcoal effects: chiaroscuro, frottage, tonking and stumping
  • Development of charcoal drawing styles and techniques in the 19th century
  • Use of charcoal with mixed media
  • Master charcoal studies

A colourist makes his presence known even in a simple charcoal drawing.

– Henri Matisse (1869-1954)

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