Figure Drawing



Dates: 22 September – 1 December 2021*
Times: Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm
Duration: 10 Weeks / 2-Hour Class Each Week
Format: Live Online Zoom Course
Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Drawing the human figure is perhaps the most challenging subject an artist can face. This 10-week course shows you a manageable step-by-step procedure to drawing this complex subject matter.

You will learn the structure and anatomy of the human body using practical weekly exercises, master copy drawings, and photographic references, and then move on to produce more finely rendered drawings in detail. Nude and clothed figures (or drapery studies) will be covered. Other topics included are:

  • Measurement and proportions
  • Sight-size technique
  • Value composition
  • Rendering subtle forms
  • Structure and anatomy of the human body (for artists)
  • Understanding and using materials and media (pencil and charcoal)

This course revises many principles and techniques that you might already know, and it also shines a spotlight on the areas of drawing that are most frequently reported as being problematic.

Learn the rules like a professional, so you can break them like an artist.

– Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

*Please note that there will be a one-week break for Hallowe’en halfway through this course. See further details and other important information in the sections below.

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