Impressionist Painting: Sargent, Sorolla & Zorn



Dates: 5 November – 3 December 2021
Times: Fridays 10am-12pm
Duration: 5 Weeks / 2-Hour Class Each Week
Format: Live Online Zoom Course
Level: Intermediate / Advanced

In this 5-week online oil painting course, you will be introduced to the painting practices of these three turn-of-the-20th-century masters – Zorn, Sorolla and Sargent – who were not only contemporaries but also friends and artistic rivals.

You will also been shown the standard approach to oil painting – the methods and techniques, tools and materials, best practices and useful tips, and much more – which are currently being taught at all of the major realist painting academies in Florence and around the world. Suitable for beginners, this course will also benefit more advanced or professional artists, who might wish to reinforce some of their skills and knowledge.

You will learn how to:

  • Draw with the paintbrush
  • Create three-dimensional volumes
  • Work with a closed palette
  • Mix flesh tones for full-colour painting
  • Use and understand oil painting materials

Capturing the energy and vitality of these paintings with expressive brushwork will be main goal, as well as creating transitions of tone and carefully refining the quality of edges.

I could not paint at all if I had to paint slowly. Every effect is so transient, it must be rapidly painted.

– Joaquin Sorolla (1863-1923)

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