The Oil Painting Process



Choose just 5 Weeks (Part 1)* or full 10 Weeks (Parts 1 & 2)
– Part 1:
21 Sept. – 19 Oct. 2021
– Part 2: 2 Nov. – 30 Nov. 2021

Time: Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm
Duration: 2-Hour Class Each Week
Format: Live Online Zoom Course
Level: Beginner / Intermediate

* If you’re only booking Part 1 (5 Weeks) now, and subsequently decide to continue with Part 2 of this course, you can book this continuation before the end of October.

This online course examines the oil painting process, from Old Master techniques to contemporary applications.

Throughout this course you will learn how to create complex, realistic, and luminous paintings – from portraits and figures to still lifes and landscapes. You will learn many oil painting skills and techniques as well as solving many common painting problems including how to:

  • Simplify shapes and structures in grisaille
  • Mix natural skin tones with a limited palette
  • Subtly model form
  • Create palettes based on different versions of the colour wheel
  • Understand the Munsell Colour System, chroma, and temperature
  • Handle edges, transitions, and blending

The methods and techniques shown reflect the standard approach to oil painting as currently being taught at all of the major realist painting academies worldwide. Suitable for beginners, this course also benefits advanced or professional artists, who might wish to reinforce some of these traditional skills and knowledge.

You can choose to do just 5 weeks (Part 1) or the full 10 weeks (Parts 1 and 2).

I have no secret but hard work. This is a secret that many never learn, and they don’t succeed because they don’t learn it. Labour is the genius that changes the world from ugliness to beauty, and the great curse to a great blessing.

– J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851)

Please note that there will be a one-week break for Hallowe’en halfway through this course. See further details and other important information in the sections below.